Huntington Bank Phone Number

What is Huntington Bank Phone Number?

Huntington Bank phone number is 800-480-2265 – this is Huntington Bank main phone number and you may want to check Huntington Bank phone number directory below. Fifth Third Bank address is 38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Huntington Bank Customer Service: 800-480-2265

Huntington Bank Phone Number: 1 616-355-8828

Huntington National Bank Headquarters Corporate Office Phone Number: 1 614-480-0095

Replace Your Lost Debit Card: 800-480-2265

Huntington Bank Cincinnati, West Virginia: 1-800-890-4508
Huntington Bank Cleveland, Toledo, Eastern Ohio: 1-800-824-1386
Huntington Bank Columbus, Ohio: 1-800-870-8304
Huntington Bank Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey: 1-888-336-0517
Huntington Bank Indiana: 1-800-225-6577
Huntington Bank Kentucky, Tennessee: 1-800-344-8357
Huntington Bank Michigan: 1-888-649-8217
Huntington Bank Western Pennsylvania: 1-800-824-1386
Huntington Bank New England: 1-888-336-0517
Huntington Bank Minnesota, Wisconsin: 1-888-901-1150
Huntington Bank Texas 1-614-480-0671

Huntington Card Customer Service: 800-480-2265
Card Transactions Disputes Fax Number: 877-211-1631
Credit Card Payment Assistance (Personal & Business): 800-372-7725

Huntington Bank Mortgage Customer Service: 800-480-2265
New Mortgages: 1-800-562-6871

Loan and Lease Customer Service: 800-445-8460
Huntington Bank Funding Department: 800-926-6794
Dealer Payoff: 800-822-6327

Huntington Bank Fax Number: 800-480-2044 or 877-293-7409

Huntington Insurance Phone Number: 888-576-7900
Personal Insurance Sales Center: 800-628-7064

Business Banking Customers: 800-480-2001

Online Banking Technical Support: 877-932-2265

The Huntington Investment Company: 800-322-4600

Personal Credit Line Customer Service: 800-992-2053
Personal Credit Line Payment Assistance: 800-250-6660
Overdrawn Checking/Savings Account Payment Assistance: 800-472-2658
Checking Reserve Payment Assistance: 800-472-2658

Commercial Customers: 614-480-4862 or 800-480-4862

Private Bank Customers: 614-480-2001 or 800-480-2001
Public Funds Customers: 614-480-4862 or 800-480-4862

Report Fraudulent Email Address: [email protected]
Report Fraudulent Phone Number: 800-480-2265

Treasury Management Customer Service: 800-480-4862
Treasury Management Customer Service Fax Number: 614-331-5357

International Trade Services Email Address: [email protected]
International Trade Services Phone Number: 877-480-4685
International Trade Services Fax Number: 888-409-9486

Huntington Technology Finance Customer Service: 248-253-9000

Huntington Bank Website

What is Huntington Bank website?

You can visit Huntington Bank official website by clicking here.

Huntington Bank Login

What is Huntington Bank Login website?

You can login to your Huntington Bank account by clicking here.

Huntington Bank Mailing Address

What is Huntington Bank mailing address

Huntington Bank corporate office address where you can send official mail, forms etc’:

Huntington Bank
Address: 830 N High St
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Zip Code: 43215

Top Banks & Financial Institutes

What are the top banks & financial institutes?

Watch this video to discover what are the top banks & financial institutes and all about Huntington Bank.

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